Helen Porter, Freelance PA

I contacted Fay as, after returning to work as a full time Executive Assistant after having my twins, I wanted to change career to gain a better work life balance. I was unsure what direction to take so Fay helped me to uncover my greatest strengths and interests to narrow down my search...

..Fay made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the sessions and I found it so easy to talk openly with her. Through the exercises we completed and our discussions during the sessions I realised that I really enjoyed the role that I have but needed to leave the company I worked for to achieve my goal of gaining a better work life balance. The process I went through with Fay helped me to gain enough confidence to set up my own freelance PA business. This has allowed me the flexibility I needed for my family and also created a new, exciting challenge for me! Thank you Fay.

Emily Shelly, Apprenticeship Programme Manager

Fay helped me prepare for an interview for a more senior role and a move into an area of HR that I hadn't worked in before. She was friendly, helpful and ensured I was fully up to date with recent changes in legislation that would directly impact the role I was..

..interviewing for. Having this knowledge helped me feel confident when interviewing and proved to be a key factor in getting the job.

Jane Coley, Bookkeeper

I approached Fay asking for help in writing a new CV after applying for jobs and not being selected for interview. What I felt was a complication was that I was changing career, seeking a role in Accounting, rather than Education.

Fay showed me I had skills that I hadn’t mentioned in my previous CV, which should be included. She emphasised the Accounting qualifications I had recently gained and gave my CV a fresh, modern look to help it stand out from other applicants. I used the updated CV (and newfound confidence) to apply for the exact role I was looking for. I was offered an interview immediately and was offered the job.

Stephanie Sulaman, Project Manager

Fay's HR knowledge was invaluable when I needed to prepare for an interview. She realised that the questions I was going to be asked were likely to be connected to the competencies described in the job description for the role.

We practised answers I could give to a range of possible questions. This meant that when I was in the interview I felt calm and well prepared and following the interview, I was offered the job. I'd recommend her to anyone who needs help with their career.

Kat Haagel, Interior Designer

Having known Fay since my time in recruitment I had no hesitations in asking for support when deciding to change career path. I have been coached by firm but positive reinforcement to make the decisions and changes to make this happen.

Being exceptionally experienced within the HR sector, Fay will provide very sound guidance.Whether it's to build confidence, write a professional CV, teach networking skills... Fay will be more than able to guide you. She did just that for me. Thank you Fay!

Rebecca Deller, Life Coach

Fay delivered an inspiring presentation at Kingston University to the undergraduate students on 'Networking' at the end of last year. As I sat in audience I also felt inspired by her words and insights and as a result now look at Networking in quite a different way.

She is incredibly personable and has a warmth about her that draws you in immediately. I decided to sign up to some coaching with Fay. I found it incredibly helpful having her as a sounding board at a time when I wasn't sure of my next steps. The exercises she gave me as preparation were thought provoking, her positivity and insights she brought to the session left me feeling empowered and clearer what I should do next. As a result it has brought new adventures and a sense of excitement back into my work/life again. Thank you Fay!

Gary Crombie, Head of Merchandising

I used Bright Sky for help to bring my CV up to date and cannot recommend the service highly enough. Fay is incredibly helpful and very thorough. The service was also excellent value for money. Many thanks, Gary

Claire Townshend, Head of HR, EMEA & US

I brought Fay into our business to provide career coaching and to support some senior business services managers and senior associates following their recent promotion. Fay is extremely professional, she is confidential, knowledgeable and a good sounding board ...

.. As most of our staff are client-facing and charge their time, setting time aside for coaching type activities can often be difficult. Fay perseveres and ensures that she stays in touch and engages with the people she is supporting on a regular basis. I can think of no greater compliment than one Director being so impressed, that they asked for the coaching to be extended to another member of their team and has mentioned some of the exercises Fay used on numerous occasions. I cannot recommend Fay highly enough.

Helen Kirby, Teacher

Having not had an interview for 13 years I was worried about my skills. I contacted Fay for some interview coaching. She helped me to fine tune and refine my skills, we focussed on my body language, tone of voice and making my answers clear and suitably detailed...

.. Fay was friendly and positive and encouraged and supported me. I now feel confident that I can approach an interview successfully.

Jonathon Jackson, Consultant

I had been looking for a job for nearly a year and I decided that I needed a ‘clean’ pair of eyes to review my CV. After looking on the internet it seemed a lot of the services on offer were very functional as they passed the CV through an algo and made some generic suggestions that everyone else would be doing. As I was looking for a more senior management role this was not the bespoke service I required to get me the right job..

.. I was also nervous that my details would not be treated with respect and farmed out to unknown parties. Fay Wallis came to my attention via a personal recommendation, which over the year I have found to be the best way. The initial contact was on a no obligation basis which immediately put me at ease. It soon became clear that Fay wanted to fully understand my skill sets and job expectations and we worked ‘together’ to produce what I now believe is a truly professional CV that passes modern standards.I have recently been engaged in a new role and received feedback from the HR department that they liked the content and style of my CV and it very much helped them to make an informed choice. I have no hesitation in recommending Bright Sky HR and Fay Wallis’s services and will be using them again in future.

Alex Broadway, Marketing Communications Executive

After being made redundant, I went to Fay for help rewriting my CV and to improve my interview technique. She gave me a lot of confidence and optimism about my skills, my ability to get my next job and to keep progressing in my career. The re-written CV had an instant impact....

.. After registering it on various job boards, I found myself approached by recruiters asking me to apply for roles that were exactly what I was looking for. The interview coaching helped me make a good impression during the interviews and feel more confident describing my strengths, experience and ambition. I quickly found a new role, working for a great company, with a higher salary and more responsibility than my previous job.

Katy Akele, Virtual Business Manager

I came to Fay desperately unhappy in my current role but unclear as to what job I wanted. Lacking confidence in my skills and terrified to make the move out of my comfort zone, I felt trapped and helpless.Over a series of structured sessions Fay guided me...

.. through a range of exercises to clarify where my skills and interests lay. With clarity, confidence and ownership of my career choices restored I have finally made a move to a much much happier place. Fay’s natural warmth, empathy and ability to listen was invaluable to me, as is her on-going support.

Carl Lumbard, Director Consumer Products & Licensing

Reaching a point in my career when I wanted to return to corporate work from consulting and freelancing, I was aware that my CV probably needed updating and adapting. Fay’s clear and professional critique and insights into what the new CV should and..

..should not contain helped me secure the role that I went on to apply for.

Lizzie Bielicki, Editorial & Production Assistant

Fay is a fantastically positive and enthusiastic career coach who guided me through my job search process from start to finish, and enabled me to land my dream role. From exploring my key strengths to establishing the right..

..career path for me and improving my CV, Fay was brilliant at every stage of the process. Towards the end of my consultation with Fay I was offered two fantastic jobs, in roles I may not have considered without her guidance and encouragement along the way. Fay is a pleasure to work with and great at what she does - I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Fiona Williams, Events Manager

Fay has been a great help in giving me direction and focus and making my ideas measurable. As a result I have gone on to get a job that suits me and my lifestyle - I now have the confidence to plan ahead and think big as I truly..

.. now know my worth and what I have to offer. Fay is a positive and effective force! She is inspirational, supportive & motivational in the most endearing way, I would not hesitate to use her again.

Jenny Glen, Office Manager

I was made redundant from my last job after 13 years of employment. To be back in the job market after such a long time was scary and daunting. I didn’t even have a CV. I was recommended to Fay who took me under her wing and..

..helped me create my CV from scratch, provided useful interview techniques and generally built up my confidence. I’m happy to say I managed to secure a lovely new role in just under two months. This would not have been possible without Fay’s help, enthusiasm and professionalism. Massive thanks!

Daniela Grossi, Portfolio Analyst

Fay helped with my CV and conducted the session in a relaxed and friendly environment. Fay was enthusiastic, provided encouragement and gave useful suggestions on how to enhance and sell my achievements, which I had not previously considered.

Fay revamped the CV, making it more professional and current which gave me the confidence to send it to recruiters and upload to job sites in my search for employment. After sending my improved CV to one recruiter, he contacted me to say that it was one of the best he had ever seen. I would definitely recommend Fay to anyone who requires assistance with their CV.

Marta Szewczyk, Property Manager

English CV formats and qualifications  are very different to those in Poland. Fay created a CV, highlighting my achievements and explaining the English equivalent of my Polish qualifications. She listened to my concerns about accelerating..

.. my career, suggesting a training course to give me the skills I needed to progress. Fay also recommended recruitment agencies to help find my perfect role. There were countless ways in which she helped my confidence and prepared me for interviews; such as practising interview questions and advising me on what to wear.  I returned to Fay for support and advice once I got the job I was hoping for. She has helped me calm my new-job nerves, prepare for my annual appraisal at work and negotiate flexible working hours when I was pregnant. Her HR expertise was invaluable at helping me understand my maternity rights at work and her recruitment experience was evident when prepping me for my career journey.

Geraldine Smith, HR Business Partner

As part of a wellbeing initiative I invited Fay to deliver two work-life balance sessions. The sessions were for employees within the UK Head Office of the organisation I worked for at the time. The sessions proved to be very popular...

..and created debate, honesty and a chance to set specific goals within a 3 month period with the aim of creating a greater sense of harmony in our lives. The success of this exercise was down to Fay’s open and warm demeanour as a facilitator which enabled participants to feel confident and comfortable to open up within the group. Fay came across as credible and professional and this was supported through her ability to link academia to the masses alongside keeping the session light and informal. I would personally recommend Fay as an excellent facilitator and coach. The feedback received following the session were fantastic and many participants commented on how they would love Fay to return with a part 2.

Eleanor Luker, Faculty Alumni Officer at Kingston Business School

Fay gave an excellent presentation to our Undergraduate students at the Kingston Business School, on the how Networking can enhance their careers. Fay shared her experience of networking in a really...

.. animated and engaging way, encouraging audience participation and clearly demonstrating the value of networking in a for professionals. Fay’s lively and inspiring approach to public speaking really resonated with our students, and we’d be delighted for Fay to share her experiences with our students again in future.

Shely Choraria, Finance Administrator

Before meeting Fay, I was struggling to get a job with my existing CV. I’d had a 5 year career break to look after my son and wanted to move into an administrative role in a Finance team, instead of carrying on with my teaching career..

..After seeing Fay’s services recommended again and again in a Facebook group for people who want a flexible career, I asked her to rewrite my CV for me I am so glad that I contacted her. Not only did she do a brilliant job with my CV, giving it a total new look, enhancing my key skills and qualifications but she was also incredibly helpful at giving me advice on getting a new job. She recommended different job boards to search and set up alerts with, specialist agencies to register with and has stayed in touch with me throughout my job search. She has gone the extra mile to help and make things happen. Things now feel so different and promising. I know that my dream job is not very far from me. Thank you Fay for showing me the way.