Kevin McKay

I unexpectedly found myself out of work, for the first time in many years. In my late 50’s, and unfamiliar with the way the job-seeking process works today, I realised I needed help from someone with experience and understanding.

Fay helped me clarify the positives and negatives of my past work experience, drawing out my strengths and skills, likes and dislikes in the process. Together we developed a list of the qualities and characteristics of my ideal job.  This was very helpful as it focussed me on looking at the right kind of jobs and not wasting time on positions which didn’t fulfil my key criteria, or which emphasised qualities which I didn’t feel aligned with my working style.

Fay also helped me develop my CV, to make the most of the way things work in online automated search. She showed me how to tweak it, emphasising key aspects of my skills and experience, both professional and voluntary, relevant to each individual application.

When I found it demotivating looking at job boards for hours at a time and putting in applications which went nowhere, Fay guided me towards networking. She helped me appreciate what a valuable resource I had, in professional, social and church-based friends and associates. She coached me in how to approach people I knew in a positive, yet low-key way. And it was through a personal contact who I approached in this way that I found my new position.

Working with Fay helped me to rebuild my confidence and recognise that I still have a value in the workplace, and transferrable skills. She helped me manage the journey from loss of employment, to finding a job which gives me the chance to change direction into more fulfilling work, whilst also utilising my skills and experience.

Fay is caring, warm, empathetic and sympathetic, genuinely interested in her individual client’s needs and understanding of their insecurities. She makes lovely coffee too!