Outplacement Services

Helping your employees secure their next jobs after redundancy

You’re a business owner, HR professional, or member of the senior leadership team. You’re looking for a service that will help the employees you are making redundant to get new jobs. You want everyone to realise that you understand and care about the people you work with.

Why you need to arrange outplacement support

You want to support the people you are making redundant because you know it’s the right thing to do, you need to keep the atmosphere at work positive. There is a risk that if you don’t handle the redundancies well, the environment will be terrible, with work slowing down. You don’t want to lose any key people who haven’t been made redundant (which can happen if they think you haven’t treated their colleagues fairly). The way you handle this process will be the difference between being viewed positively by your remaining workforce and the wider industry, or facing reputational damage.

You’re feeling the pressure. You are under scrutiny from your senior leadership team and your workforce. You’re juggling multiple projects, with demands on your time from all areas. You want a solution you can trust, without having to invest a lot of your own time into it.

Why trust me to help?

I understand how you feel and know how important it is for you to get this right. CIPD qualified, I have a Masters degree in HR Management (including a dissertation exploring best practice in managing redundancy situations), Career Coaching and Executive Coaching qualifications. I also have years of proven experience in supporting people with their careers. You and your employees are in safe hands when you invite me to provide outplacement support services or career coaching services.

Based in Banstead, Surrey, I travel throughout Surrey, Greater London and Sussex to provide outplacement support at your offices.

Outplacement Service Solutions

CV Guidance

Coping with Redundancy

LinkedIn Advice

Interview Coaching

Confidence Building

Exploring Career Options

Job Search Tips

Identifying Skills

The Details

1:1 Career Coaching Sessions:

The ideal solution when making one person redundant, or a small group of people redundant. Each employee is offered a course of six, one-hour, in-person or Skype career coaching sessions to help them come to terms with their redundancy, build their confidence, consider their career options going forward and make a plan for getting their next job. The employee can choose to use the sessions however they would like to, focusing on the career support that is most useful and relevant to them.

CV Clinics:

Book full day or half day CV clinics. Each member of staff being made redundant is given a 30 minute slot to discuss their CV in person. During this time, I can help them rewrite their CV and have CV guides and templates for them to take away with them to refer to when continuing to work on their CV. In addition to having reviewed countless CVs throughout my career, I spent three years offering a successful CV writing service, writing interview-achieving CVs for a wide range of roles. This means I have the practical knowledge and experience needed to truly support your employees with finessing their CVs.

Click here for testimonials from my previous CV writing clients.

Career Clinics:

Book full day or half day career clinics. Each member of staff being made redundant is given a 30 minute slot to discuss a particular career issue they would like support with. These work well when run on a regular basis, so that employees can obtain help and guidance as they progress with their job search.

Career & Outplacement Workshops:

Tailor-made to meet the topic of your choice, career & outplacement workshops are a good way of reaching a group of employees in one morning or afternoon. It can be helpful starting point for your outplacement support solution, with career clinics or CV clinics offered as a follow up service.

1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions:

You and your organisation’s other managers and leaders will benefit from support. You are the ones having to deliver the redundancy news to your colleagues. This means dealing with the emotional fall out and juggling your every day duties with the added meetings and planning that a redundancy programme requires. You may be dealing with the added stress of your own role may be being made redundant too. Coaching is a way of giving you time and space to think and plan, helping you cope with this stressful situation and find the best ways of working through it successfully. 

Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Outplacement services involve bringing in an outside person, or company to support staff who have been made redundant. The support can range between blocks of one-to-one sessions held over several weeks or months, drop-in career clinics (where employees can book in for a 30 minute slot on one day to discuss a particular question or challenge they are experiencing), or group workshops.

Typical topics covered through outplacement support include CV, cover letter and LinkedIn guidance, interview coaching and job search strategy. A trained career coach will also be able to help with coping with redundancy, handling the transition and deciding whether or not to change career.

Outplacement support gives your colleagues a neutral person to talk about their concerns and challenges of leaving your organisation and getting a new job. It is reassuring for them to know everything they talk about is completely confidential and that they will be given practical guidance and emotional support on how to get their next role from an expert

No organisation looks forward to making redundancies. It’s a stressful situation for everyone involved. Worst case scenarios include being faced with staff strikes and heavy criticism in the press. Whether you are making one person, a handful of people, or hundreds of people redundant, outplacement support can help make it a more positive and successful experience.

Being told you have to leave your job can be devastating news, with many people describing it as feeling like a bereavement. Even though they will know the redundancy is for business reasons and not because of their performance at work, it’s normal for employees to feel a sense of rejection, loss and anger. In the most extreme cases, suicidal feelings can emerge.

It’s important to be aware of how the part of the workforce that haven’t lost their jobs are feeling. If they believe the redundancies are unjustified or that their colleagues who have been made redundant have been treated badly, this can lead to feelings of anger and a lack of support for change (at a time when you need this support the most). Worst case scenarios include strikes which bring business to a halt and key members of staff resigning.

The cost of outplacement services depends on what your needs are and how much support you want to give to your employees. I have fixed prices for some of my outplacement support services but can also offer other tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements:

  • Half day CV clinic or career clinic: £700
  • Full day CV clinic or career clinic: £1,200
  • 1:1 career coaching sessions: 6 x 1 hour sessions: £1,500
  • 1:1 executive coaching sessions: please get in touch to discuss the number of sessions required and number of people needing this support.
  • Career workshops: workshops are tailored to meet your requirements, please get in touch to discuss.

The number of employees I can help depends on the level of support you need and the timeframe you would like the outplacement services delivered in.

For 1:1 coaching, I can typically support up to 10 people a week. However, when running CV clinics or career clinics (which provide each person with a 30 minute slot), I can help 13 people per day. Workshops allow for larger numbers of employees to be reached in one go, accommodating up to 20 people at a time. These options can be ‘mix and matched’ to meet your requirements.

I have a strong network of excellent career coaching and outplacement support professionals who work with me when larger numbers of employees need to be supported. 

My services are a popular option when small numbers of staff are being made redundant. When larger numbers of employees are involved, 1:1 coaching and career or CV clinics are an affordable way of delivering a high quality and personalised service that complements the initial work done by the more expensive and less personal large outplacement support providers.

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Case Studies

Supporting a small business

When a small digital marketing company had to close its doors after losing a large client contract, the company owner booked Fay Wallis to support one of their employees, Alex Broadway in finding his next role.
After being made redundant, I went to Fay for help rewriting my CV and to improve my interview technique. She gave me a lot of confidence and optimism about my skills, my ability to get my next job and to keep progressing in my career. The re-written CV had an instant impact. After registering it on various job boards, I found myself approached by recruiters asking me to apply for roles that were exactly what I was looking for. The interview coaching helped me make a good impression during the interviews and feel more confident describing my strengths, experience and ambition. I quickly found a new role, working for a great company, with a higher salary and more responsibility than my previous job.
Alex Broadway, Marketing Communications Executive

Supporting a large retail business

When Wyevale Garden Centres  sold off its centres, the entire head office team was made redundant. Fay Wallis was booked to run a series of CV clinics and a workshop on ‘how to be a success in your next role’.
As part of an employee redundancy engagement programme, Fay came into our business to deliver one-to-one CV advice (via CV clinics) and run a workshop on ‘how to be a success in your next job’. During her time, Fay was continuously professional, empathetic, motivating, gave great advice and was generally lovely to talk to. Fay’s mastery of CV’s and career coaching has been a huge support to our 275 colleagues at Head Office, with many now securing interviews in other roles. Thank you for your help Fay, it has been a pleasure having you in our business. I would recommend Fay to support anyone moving forward at any level in any business.
Kate Lewis, Learning & Development Coordinator
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