Recruiters & Job Boards that Specialise in Flexible Jobs

Recruiters and Job Boards That Specialise in Flexible Jobs

Are you worried that it will be difficult to find a flexible role? Maybe you think that the only flexible jobs advertised are ones that require taking a step down the career ladder? I’m not going to lie to you…. it is harder to find a flexible role than a full time, traditional 9-5 position. BUT, it is by no means impossible. More and more employers are realising the benefits that flexible working has for their business as well as their employees.

Several of my coaching clients at the moment are looking for roles that are going to challenge them but also allow them to have time with their family. To reassure them that there are jobs out there, I put a quick post on LinkedIn to ask for recommendations of Recruiters and job boards that specialise in this area. I already knew of several but knew that there must be more that I had never heard of. Well, the LinkedIn post exploded, at the time of writing this, it’s had 10,500 views and counting. It was great to see:

(a) how much people wanted to help and
(b) how many Recruiters and companies are now specialising in flexible jobs

You can find a list of Recruiters and job boards that specialise in flexible jobs below that I created using the response to the LinkedIn post. I update it regularly and if you come across any other companies that you think should be added, please do let me know.

The Main List

Facebook Groups

  • Flexible Working for People Like Me – this group is absolutely fantastic and is run by Katy Fridman. It’s a supportive community for anyone looking for a flexible role. Flexible jobs are often shared in the group and Katy has a regular email newsletter containing all her vacancies. You can sign up to receive it when you join the group.
  • Share my telly job – this is a great resource for finding job share roles in the TV industry

The LinkedIn Post

If you are a Recruiter or represent a job board that you would like included in this list, please just let me know by commenting on my original LinkedIn post below, or sending me an email.


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