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DiSC- Identify your teams individual strengths to increase team productivity

Have you found that your team is suffering from a lack of connection? They’re just not working as well as they used to, or maybe you have some new members to the team and you need to find a way to ‘bond’ together either remotely or in person to increase team productivity?

Bright Sky Career Coaching - DiSC team building workshop

When teams are ready for success

The best teams work like a well-oiled machine, they bounce ideas off each other, help one another and they ultimately come together to achieve a required objective. Teams are effective when high levels of trust have been built amongst all members of the team. When each person within it knows and understands each other’s strengths, blind spots and preferred communication style.

What happens when a team doesn’t work?

But what do you do when the team just isn’t working, or when a new team is forming and you want to ensure it succeeds? How do you align everyone, to build trust, effective communication, an understanding of each individual’s strengths and increase team productivity?

Everything DiSC®- a team-building workshop

Everything DiSC® provides a common language to highlight each team member’s preferred communication style; their strengths and how to work with them in a way that strengthens the team. It allows the team members to pause and self evaluate how they work best individually, what they need to work on in relation to others, and how they could be helping, or hindering their other team members. 

Thousands of organisations can’t be wrong

With over 130,000 organisations around the world already experiencing and utilising the power of Everything DiSC®, it’s a world-leading tool for team building, team bonding and team effectiveness. 

How it works

Depending on the group size and your requirements, we can run a half day, or full day workshop with your team, introducing them to DiSC and working through a range of insightful and empowering activities as a team. 

Disc is a non-judgemental and gender-neutral approach that uses positive language to show your team members the value of each of their skills. The terminology used shows how no style or skill set is considered better than others, meaning everyone will come out of the training with a positive attitude towards their strengths.

The outcome

Teams that have gone through DiSC profiling find themselves with a deeper understanding of what makes different personality styles ‘tick’. They will have a common language that redefines what it means to work together to increase team productivity, and in turn, achieve better results.

Even undergoing the workshop will help solidify your team. The knowledge and understanding each participant will have of DiSC by the end of the workshop, can also be leveraged to work more effectively with other colleagues and teams throughout the organisation. 

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