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Have you

Not updated your CV for years?

Submitted your CV but aren’t being offered interviews?

Want the right CV for making a career change?

Never needed a CV before?

Don’t know how to explain a career break or redundancy?

My CV service will ensure

The format is perfect.

The correct key words are included.

Your achievements shine through.

Your CV is tailored to suit the roles you are applying for.

Likelihood of being invited to an interview is greatly increased.

Free CV review

If you have a CV and are thinking of asking to have it rewritten, email it to me and ask for a free CV review. I will email you back with a 5-10 minute video review explaining what is good about your CV and what can be improved. There is no obligation to sign up to the CV writing service following this.

Request a free CV Review

Choose the CV writing service that is right for you

CV Writing Admin, Assistant and Coordinator roles - Bright Sky HR
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CV Writing for Mid-Level and Management roles - Bright Sky HR
BOOK NOW (£250)
CV Writing for head of department and director roles - Bright Sky HR
BOOK NOW (£350)
CV Writing for C-level and non-executive director roles - Bright Sky HR
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Not sure which CV writing option to book?

If you’re not sure which service is right for you, just send me an email, or book a free 30 minute call.

Book a free 30 min call
Send me an email

How it works

Book in for an initial 30 min call

After you’ve booked and paid to have your CV written, you can schedule the first call with me (I’ll send you a link that enables you to book a time in my calendar). I work Mon – Fri during the day time and offer one evening appointment each week (usually on a Wednesday). If none of the available times suit you, just send me an email and we can find another time that will work.

When booking your call, there is a short form to complete.

This is to help you explain what types of jobs you are looking for and any particular concerns you have about your CV. It also asks you to attach a copy of your most recent CV.

I call you on the date and time you have booked in for.

This initial call gives you the opportunity to explain any concerns you have about your CV. I will also gain a fuller understanding of your career hopes and your career history. I might ask you to email me some extra information at the end of our call that I think is missing from your CV, so I can add it to your CV for you when we move on to the next stage.

Book in for a 1 hour Skype or Zoom call with me. 

If you don’t have a Skype account, I’d recommend you use Zoom. If you want to use your computer or laptop for our call, you can easily join the Zoom meeting by clicking the link that I send you. If you would prefer to use your phone or computer for the call, there is a Zoom app you can install on an android phone or tablet, and one you can install on an iPhone or iPad.

We have the 1 hour Skype or Zoom call

I call you via Skype or Zoom, open your CV on my computer and share my screen with you. You will be able to see the work I have done on your CV so far. Being on the call together allows me to ask you for information and probe further about your achievements. Once we have finished the call, I should have all the information I need to finish writing your CV over the next few days.

I email you the final copy of your CV

I’ll email you the final copy of your CV within 5 – 10 working days of our Skype/Zoom session. It’s important that you are completely satisfied and happy with your CV. So, if you have any further questions about your CV, I’m happy to continue supporting you by email.


CV writing testimonials

Carl Lumbard, Director Consumer Products and Licensing, EMEA

Reaching a point in my career when I wanted to return to corporate work from consulting and freelancing, I was aware that my CV probably needed updating and adapting. Fay’s clear and professional critique..

..and insights into what the new CV should and should not contain helped me secure the role that I went on to apply for.

Shely Choraria, Finance Administrator

Before meeting Fay, I was struggling to get a job with my existing CV. I’d had a 5 year career break to look after my son and wanted to move into an administrative role in a Finance team, instead of carrying on with my teaching career. After seeing Fay’s services recommended again and again in a Facebook group for people who want a flexible career, I asked her to rewrite my CV for me. ..

.. I am so glad that I contacted her. Not only did she do a brilliant job with my CV, giving it a total new look, enhancing my key skills and qualifications but she was also incredibly helpful at giving me advice on getting a new job. She recommended different job boards to search and set up alerts with, specialist agencies to register with and has stayed in touch with me throughout my job search. She has gone the extra mile to help and make things happen. Things now feel so different and promising. I know that my dream job is not very far from me. Thank you Fay for showing me the way.

Daniela Grossi, Portfolio Analyst

Fay helped with my CV and conducted the session in a relaxed and friendly environment. Fay was enthusiastic, provided encouragement and gave useful suggestions on how to enhance..

and sell my achievements, which I had not previously consideredFay revamped the CV, making it more professional and current which gave me the confidence to send it to recruiters and upload to job sites in my search for employment. After sending my improved CV to one recruiter, he contacted me to say that it was one of the best he had ever seen. I would definitely recommend Fay to anyone who requires assistance with their CV.

Marta Szewczyk, Property Manager

English CV formats and qualifications  are very different to those in Poland. Fay created a CV, highlighting my achievements and explaining the English equivalent of my Polish qualifications. She listened to my concerns about accelerating..

.. my career, suggesting a training course to give me the skills I needed to progress. Fay also recommended recruitment agencies to help find my perfect role. There were countless ways in which she helped my confidence and prepared me for interviews; such as practising interview questions and advising me on what to wear.  I returned to Fay for support and advice once I got the job I was hoping for. She has helped me calm my new-job nerves, prepare for my annual appraisal at work and negotiate flexible working hours when I was pregnant. Her HR expertise was invaluable at helping me understand my maternity rights at work and her recruitment experience was evident when prepping me for my career journey.

Jonathon Jackson, Consultant

I had been looking for a job for nearly a year and I decided that I needed a ‘clean’ pair of eyes to review my CV. After looking on the internet it seemed a lot of the services on offer were very functional as they passed the CV through an algo and made some generic suggestions that everyone else would be doing. As I was looking for a more senior management role this was not the bespoke service I required to get me the right job..

.. I was also nervous that my details would not be treated with respect and farmed out to unknown parties. Fay Wallis came to my attention via a personal recommendation, which over the year I have found to be the best way. The initial contact was on a no obligation basis which immediately put me at ease. It soon became clear that Fay wanted to fully understand my skill sets and job expectations and we worked ‘together’ to produce what I now believe is a truly professional CV that passes modern standards.I have recently been engaged in a new role and received feedback from the HR department that they liked the content and style of my CV and it very much helped them to make an informed choice. I have no hesitation in recommending Bright Sky HR and Fay Wallis’s services and will be using them again in future.

Gary Crombie, Head of Merchandising

I used Bright Sky for help to bring my CV up to date and cannot recommend the service highly enough. Fay is incredibly helpful and very thorough. The service was also excellent value for money. Many thanks, Gary

If you’re looking for support that goes beyond your CV, taking you further towards landing your next role, the Interview Coaching Package or Next Job Success Package may be perfect for you.

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