7 podcasts to enhance your career. Fay Wallis. Bright Sky HR

Listening to podcasts is an easy way to get motivated about your career and learn tips and tactics from experts. The beauty of podcasts is that they are (usually) free and you can multi-task while listening to them. Find yourself being inspired while you do the cooking, walk the dog, or commute to work. You just need to find the right podcast and listen to it while you’re doing these other (normally boring) tasks.

After listening to 100s of podcasts here are Bright Sky HR’s top recommendations for the most useful podcasts for your career.

The Best Podcast For….

1. Practical Careers Advice

The Hays Worldwide Podcast is a shiny new podcast that gives practical and informed advice on a range of topics that will be useful to almost anyone. Hays is a well-respected, global recruitment group. The podcast’s host, Jon Beasley, interviews a different member of the Hays team for each short but information-packed episode. Topics are focused on either getting a new job, or progressing in your existing job. They include, How to Create an Outstanding CV, How Best to Prepare for a Job Interview and How to Prepare and Ask for a Pay Rise.

2. Learning How to Promote Your Business

When I set up Bright Sky HR in 2016, I was confident in my abilities to provide a valuable Career Coaching service to my clients but I had limited knowledge of how to promote the Company. The Soulful PR Podcast with Janet Murray soon changed that. Janet releases two new podcast episodes every week, cram-packed with information. The focus is on how to effectively promote your services, products and expertise without hiring a PR firm. If you are considering making the move from being an employee to becoming your own boss, then this is the podcast for you.   

3. Having a Successful Career as Part of a Successful Life

It isn’t just the catchy theme tune, or Michael’s warm and engaging manner that draws me to the podcast This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt. In this age of burnout and overwork, his podcast is a beacon of light, filled with wisdom on how to have a successful career without letting it take over your entire life. He is an expert on intentional leadership and covers a broad range of topics within this including productivity, goal setting, self-confidence and practical tips on managing people effectively.    

4. Excelling as a Manager or Leader

The last episode of the Thinking for Business Success UK podcast from Go Mad Thinking was recorded in 2016 but the advice given in each episode is timeless. Have you been promoted into a management or leadership position but haven’t been given the training, support or coaching you need to be successful? Then, this is the podcast for you. The short, punchy episodes tackle a range of management and leadership topics, giving the listener 3 practical takeaways to put into practice straight away.

5. Reading Your Way to Career Success

Jeff Brown, the host of the Read to Lead Podcast, believes in the famous mantra, “Leaders Read and Readers Lead” but his podcast isn’t only for people in Leadership positions. In addition to Leadership, the ideas and insights discussed each week cover Personal Development, Productivity, Business, Career, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Most episodes are an interview with the author of a business book. This is a great way to learn about the main themes and ideas covered in the book before deciding if it’s one that will be handy to have in your bookshelf.

6. Working Parents

The SuperMum podcast with Lisa York isn’t only for working mums. Through a series of individual interviews with successful women, Lisa helps encourage her listeners to have a positive mindset. She has interviewed several Career Coaches on her show (including me, for Navigating the Complexities of Your Clan and Your Career). In addition to being able to glean career tips from the Career Coaches interviewed for the show, many of Lisa’s other guests talk about how they juggle their career with family life. This makes the SuperMum podcast an excellent resource for working parents.

7. Boosting Your Business Knowledge

The HBR Ideacast podcast is linked with Harvard University so, unsurprisingly, the quality of the content is extremely high. It features some of the brightest business and academic minds each week (including Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant). The podcast covers a range of different topics (including leadership, management and personal development) which can help your career. The back catalogue of more than 570 episodes means there is plenty to dip into and learn from. 

Diving Deeper into Podcasts

Looking for a podcast that is specific to your job area? Then don’t worry, there’s bound to be one out there for you. A good place to start looking is with any professional bodies associated with your industry. Many of these now have their own podcast and they are often filled with industry knowledge and career advice. For example, if you work in (or want to work in):

There are some very niche podcasts available too, like this podcast series released by the Royal Society of Biology. This is for Bioscientists looking to return to work after a career break.

So, no matter where you are in your career, there should be a podcast to help. If you’ve listened to a fantastic podcast that hasn’t been mentioned in this list, then please let me know.