Career Change Coaching Programme

Thinking about changing career but aren’t sure about it?

Wondering what your options are?

Need time and space to think and plan?

The career change coaching programme will help give you clarity and confidence about your next steps. All of the coaching sessions can either take place in person (at my office in Banstead, Surrey), or online via Skype or Zoom. 

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your investment in your future by booking the Career Change Coaching Programme is £950. This includes all the sessions mentioned above, a Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, worksheets, career resources and email support in between sessions (as and when needed).

The total cost for coaching and mentoring programmes is usually paid for before the first session takes place. If you would like to spread the cost, this is no problem at all. Just let me know and we can arrange for you to pay across two or three monthly instalments (whatever works best for you).

Of course! I’d love to meet you or talk to you on the phone. I offer anyone interested in my services a free 30 min call, or in-person chat. If you live locally to me, we can meet up for a coffee at one of the local coffee shops in Banstead. Or, if it’s easier for you, we can speak on the phone. Get in touch using the details on the ‘Contact’ page of the website and we can arrange to talk. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to sign up to any of my services after we’ve spoken.

You can choose to have the sessions weekly, fortnightly, every three weeks or once a month. I don’t recommend stretching the sessions past once a month because you can start to lose the flow and impact of the coaching. For the Career Change Coaching Programme, the most popular option is to have the first three sessions weekly, or fortnightly but then have longer gaps between the final three sessions. This is because the work you do in between the final three sessions takes longer to complete than the work you do in between the first three sessions.

You can choose to have the sessions at my home office in Banstead, Surrey (which has free parking), at my office in Croydon, south London (a 10 minute walk from both East Croydon and West Croydon stations), or remotely by Skype.

It’s really important that you are the one to make the decision about which career to change to. My role as your coach is to help you unlock the answer to this yourself. I can share tools, techniques and resources with you that will help you think about, research and evaluate different roles but I won’t tell you which job you should change to. The coaching will help you make that decision for yourself (which is far more powerful than me telling you what to do).


Helen P testimonial photo

Helen Porter, Virtual PA 
I contacted Fay as, after returning to work as a full time Executive Assistant after having my twins, I wanted to change career to gain a better work life balance. I was unsure what direction to take so Fay helped me to uncover my greatest strengths and interests to narrow down my search.
Fay made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the sessions and I found it so easy to talk openly with her. Through the exercises we completed and our discussions during the sessions I realised that I really enjoyed the role that I have but needed to leave the company I worked for to achieve my goal of gaining a better work life balance. The process I went through with Fay helped me to gain enough confidence to set up my own freelance PA business. This has allowed me the flexibility I needed for my family and also created a new, exciting challenge for me! Thank you Fay.

Katy testimonial photo

Katy Akele, Virtual Business Manager
I came to Fay desperately unhappy in my current role but unclear as to what job I wanted. Lacking confidence in my skills and terrified to make the move out of my comfort zone, I felt trapped and helpless. Over a series of structured sessions Fay guided me through a range of exercises to clarify where my skills and interests lay. With clarity, confidence and ownership of my career choices restored I have finally made a move to a much much happier place. Fay’s natural warmth, empathy and ability to listen was invaluable to me, as is her on-going support.
Joanne Harvey testimonial photo
Joanne Harvey, Community Fundraiser
When you’ve been working in the same field for over 20 years as I had, you’re on a predictable career trajectory. I no longer enjoyed my work and my most recent position was making me not only unhappy, but unwell. I’d decided to take a year off to think and spend more time with my family.
Approaching the time I planned to return to work, I knew I needed help with some fresh thinking. I wanted to change, not just my job, but my perspective. With Fay recommended through a networking contact whom she had also helped with her career journey, I took the plunge.
Fay is flexible, tailoring her approach to each individual’s needs. We scheduled a combination of face-to-face and Skype meetings to suit the way I think and work – that was really helpful.
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