We all need a little help with our career from time to time.

Career Coaching gives you time and space to think through and find solutions to whatever career issue you’re facing. You will see on the Services page that I offer two types of packages (green and gold). The green packages are focused on helping you get your next role. They give you hands-on, practical support and advice.

The gold packages help you to overcome a career challenge (e.g. feeling overwhelmed at work) or answer a career question (e.g. “should I change career”?). These packages are less-advice driven. I’ll still share strategies and resources with you but I won’t tell you what to do. Instead, in my role as coach, I help you ‘unlock’ the answers for yourself by using a variety of exercises, tools and lots of questioning.

Some of the many things Career Coaching can help you feel more confident about:

Returning to work after a career break
Handling your new role after being promoted
Taking the next step in your career
Deciding whether to change career
Overcoming overwhelm at work
No matter what your career challenge is, I can help you overcome it with confidence and a plan.

My Career Coaching Credentials

I’ve always been fascinated by what motivates and helps us feel fulfilled and confident at work. CIPD qualified, with a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, I am also a Licensed Career Coach (trained by Career Counselling Services via a course that is accredited by the Association of Coaching). These qualifications, combined with my extensive practical experience of coaching in the workplace and through Bright Sky HR, mean I can help you reflect on and overcome your career challenges.

I Know About CVs, Interviews & Job Search Strategy Because…

I founded Bright Sky HR in 2016, after spending more than a decade working in HR and Recruitment for both small and large companies, across a range of sectors. I have been responsible for writing and posting job advertisements, screening thousands of CVs, training managers in interview techniques, running assessment centres, setting up a Graduate Scheme and interviewing 100s of candidates. I have recruited across most Head Office functions including roles at all levels (ranging from Graduate to Director) in Finance, Engineering, HR, Strategy, Quality Assurance, Business Development/Sales, Contracts, IT and Software Development.

This in-depth experience of the Recruitment process means that I know what employers are looking for, how they screen CVs, which job boards and publications they advertise with, which Recruitment firms they use to help them. It’s extremely rewarding to share this knowledge with you, to help you get your next role.

My Own Career Challenges

I’ve had different career challenges over the years including trying to decide on a career path (I switched from a career in teaching, to HR before moving on to specialise in Career Coaching). I have had to work on building up my confidence on many different occasions during my career. This includes overcoming my fear of public speaking to give presentations. I have also experienced the feeling of complete overwhelm in the past, with multiple projects competing for my time. This partly led to a determination to learn strategies for being more productive, overcoming overwhelm and getting a handle on emails.

I have two (now grown up) stepchildren and two young children, so I have been juggling having a career and being a parent for many years. I completely understand the challenges that combining work with parenthood brings, including finding (or carving out) a more flexible job, trying to achieve a work-life balance that you’re happy with, overcoming a drop in confidence after taking a break from the workplace and finding childcare that works for your family. If you’d like to know more about my experiences of this and hear some of my tips for working mothers, you can listen to my podcast interview with Lisa York.

How I Can Help You