If you’re feeling lost, confused or frustrated about your career, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

At Bright Sky Career Coaching, we specialise in working with individuals who either want to take the next step in their career, change career, or succeed in the role they have. You may have found us because you want help for yourself. Or, perhaps you work in HR or L&D and are looking for outplacement (redundancy) support, career coaching, or executive coaching for your colleagues. 

Group coaching - Bright Sky Career Coaching

Choose to have as little or as much help as you need from a range of options to suit all situations. Browse through our free resources, packed full of helpful career tips. Or, if you prefer self-study, take a look at our online courses. For more personalised support, in-person or online coaching (via Zoom, Skype or Teams) is also available and is our most popular option. For companies looking to book group support, team coaching and group workshops are other possibilities. 

Whatever career support you’re looking for; we’re here to help. If you get in touch and think we’re not quite the right fit for you, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to recommend another coaching provider. It’s important to us that everyone who comes to us leaves feeling supported and with clear guidance on what they can do next.  

Some of the many things Career Coaching can help you feel more confident about:

Getting a new role

Changing career

Handling your new role after being promoted

Bouncing back from redundancy

Overcoming overwhelm at work

Becoming an effective leader

Our Career Coaches

I set up Bright Sky in 2016. After agonising over which company name to choose, my sister suggested I use the words ‘Bright Sky’ to reflect that I always help people find a positive way forward for a bright future. It felt like the right fit. So, ‘Bright Sky Career Coaching’ it is.

Fay Wallis - Bright Sky Career Coaching

My career before becoming a coach was spent in HR and Recruitment, working for both small and large organisations, across a range of sectors.  This background meant that I had inside knowledge as to how companies recruited, promoted and developed their employees. I found myself being asked by friends, family and colleagues for advice and support with getting new roles, changing roles, or doing better in the jobs they had. This led to me discovering my passion for career coaching. It’s incredibly rewarding and a privilege to be able to empower my clients to have the career success they are searching for.

The business started off small – just me coaching local clients in my home office around school hours, while my children were young. But as word spread and Bright Sky’s reputation grew, I found myself inundated with work from individuals and organisations across the UK.

I want the quality of the coaching service my clients receive to be truly excellent. I knew this wouldn’t be the case if I worked myself into the ground. So, in 2020, I started inviting other coaches to join Bright Sky, to help deliver coaching and workshops. They are all coaches who I have hand-picked for their expertise, talent for coaching and because we share the same values of compassion, empowerment & positivity.

I still deliver the majority of my coaching services myself but for larger projects (e.g. outplacement support programmes that involve hundreds of staff members), or for situations when I think another Bright Sky coach would be a better fit than me for a particular client, I’ll suggest one of my colleagues to deliver coaching with me, or instead of me.

The coaching world can be a bit like the wild west, with anyone able to set themselves up as a coach without any relevant experience or qualifications. However, you can trust that any Bright Sky coach you work with is highly qualified.

My own qualifications include an MA in Human Resources Management and a postgraduate certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring (ILM, level 7). I’m also CIPD qualified, a licensed Career Coach (trained by Career Counselling Services, via a course that is accredited by the Association for Coaching) and a certified DISC practitioner.  Other Bright Sky coaches will have similar qualifications to me.

If you’re thinking of booking Bright Sky Career Coaching to support yourself or your colleagues, please get in touch using the button below. I’d love to speak to you to learn more about your career challenges and to explore how we can support you.

Fay Wallis
Founder – Career & Executive Coach

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