Career Coaching, Outplacement Support & Executive Coaching to Help You:

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Practical support for your career:

CV writing

Job search planning

Interview coaching


Decide whether to:

Leave your job

Change career

Return to work


Help to achieve:

Work-life balance

More confidence

Handle difficult colleagues


Why Career Coaching?

Trying to deal with the career challenges that crop up during your 30s, 40s and 50s can feel overwhelming. Maybe you’re looking to land a more senior role, return to work after kids, find a new path after redundancy, cope with being given leadership responsibilities for the first time, or find a role that gives you flexibility without having to take a step down the career ladder? Perhaps you want to change career completely, or set up on your own but you aren’t sure if this is the right thing to do? These are some of the many career challenges I can help with.

Career coaching gives you time and space to learn more about yourself and work out possible solutions. It can help you identify your strengths, your motivators, your options and nail down the things that are most important to you. I’m a Career Coach who cares about helping you move forward in the best way for you. With dedicated time to talk through your career challenge, we can work together to stop you feeling stuck and confused. You can then move forward with more clarity, confidence and a plan.


Jonathon Jackson, Consultant

I had been looking for a job for nearly a year and I decided that I needed a ‘clean’ pair of eyes to review my CV. After looking on the internet it seemed a lot of the services on offer were very functional as they passed the CV through an algo and made some generic suggestions that everyone else would be doing. As I was looking for a more senior management role this was not the bespoke service I required to get me the right job..

.. I was also nervous that my details would not be treated with respect and farmed out to unknown parties. Fay Wallis came to my attention via a personal recommendation, which over the year I have found to be the best way. The initial contact was on a no obligation basis which immediately put me at ease. It soon became clear that Fay wanted to fully understand my skill sets and job expectations and we worked ‘together’ to produce what I now believe is a truly professional CV that passes modern standards.I have recently been engaged in a new role and received feedback from the HR department that they liked the content and style of my CV and it very much helped them to make an informed choice. I have no hesitation in recommending Bright Sky HR and Fay Wallis’s services and will be using them again in future.

Katy Akele, Virtual Business Manager

I came to Fay desperately unhappy in my current role but unclear as to what job I wanted. Lacking confidence in my skills and terrified to make the move out of my comfort zone, I felt trapped and helpless.Over a series of structured sessions Fay guided me...

.. thorough a range of exercises to clarify where my skills and interests lay. With clarity, confidence and ownership of my career choices restored I have finally made a move to a much much happier place. Fay’s natural warmth, empathy and ability to listen was invaluable to me, as is her on-going support.

Marta Szewczyk, Property Manager

English CV formats and qualifications  are very different to those in Poland. Fay created a CV, highlighting my achievements and explaining the English equivalent of my Polish qualifications. She listened to my concerns about accelerating..

.. my career, suggesting a training course to give me the skills I needed to progress. Fay also recommended recruitment agencies to help find my perfect role. There were countless ways in which she helped my confidence and prepared me for interviews; such as practising interview questions and advising me on what to wear.  I returned to Fay for support and advice once I got the job I was hoping for. She has helped me calm my new-job nerves, prepare for my annual appraisal at work and negotiate flexible working hours when I was pregnant. Her HR expertise was invaluable at helping me understand my maternity rights at work and her recruitment experience was evident when prepping me for my career journey.

Alex Broadway, Marketing Communications Executive

After being made redundant, I went to Fay for help rewriting my CV and to improve my interview technique. She gave me a lot of confidence and optimism about my skills, my ability to get my next job and to keep progressing in my career. The re-written CV had.. instant impact. After registering it on various job boards, I found myself approached by recruiters asking me to apply for roles that were exactly what I was looking for. The interview coaching helped me make a good impression during the interviews and feel more confident describing my strengths, experience and ambition. I quickly found a new role, working for a great company, with a higher salary and more responsibility than my previous job.